About us

Canopus Medical is situated in the heart of Medicon Valley, the most robust life science cluster in the Nordic countries. This region encompasses the Copenhagen area and the southernmost part of Sweden. Our strategic location at the Ideon Science Park in Lund places us in a unique area renowned for its outstanding universities, research institutions, and well-established private-public partnerships. In essence, it’s an ideal environment for start-up activities. From here, we cater to both local and international markets with small-scale production and development work for up-scaling.


Canopus Medical was established in 2015 by a dermatologist and a team of entrepreneurs. Our focus is offering the capacity to produce cosmeceutical products for both research and commercial purposes. Skincare forms one of our primary areas of expertise, so when we received an inquiry about a product to treat hyperpigmentation, we eagerly accepted the challenge. The outcome is not merely a single product, but a comprehensive kit comprising five different products designed to achieve the best result.

Canopus Medical holds certification to ISO22716, the standard for Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP) for cosmetic products.”

Our products

Prepare (A)

Repair (B)

Protect (C)

Cure (D)

Care (E)