How to use: Step one

Prepare, repair and protect

As the Kanopus Bright series includes products containing strong acids with very low pH, we recommend that the treatment is done by professionals. It is possible to do the treatment at home if you are cautious and read the instructions carefully.

Before starting the treatment, make sure you remove your make up with a gentle cleanser and then pat dry with a clean, soft cloth. You start with Product A that will prepare your skin for the next step by a thoroughly deep-cleanse of your skin. Use a cotton pad to apply 5 ml of Product A evenly to the face in circular motions. Avoid the direct area around the eyes. Depending on the sensitivity of your skin, leave it on for 2–5 minutes. Rinse with cold water. The treatment can cause a hot and pricky sensation on the skin, and you might experience facial redness. Both should settle down shortly.

It might sound intimidating to use face acids (or AHA as they are often called) but they have several benefits to offer your skin. Tannic acid is anti-inflammatory and helps to cleanse your skin, tighten pores, and dries out sebum. The nonapeptide-1 prevents melanin synthesis (this means less unwanted formation of pigments) and will make your skin tone smoother. Lactic acid and ascorbic acid will keep your skin moisturized as the are humectants.

Beside the acids, Product A contains antioxidants and antimicrobials. Antioxidants are responsible for free-radical neutralization, that means reducing cell damage. After rinsing with cold water and patting your face dry you are ready for Product B and the repair part of the treatment. Apply all 5 ml evenly in several layers and focus on the hyperpigmentation spots by adding extra layers to increase the efficiency.

Leave Product B on the skin for a minium of 45 minutes. We recommend maximum 1-2 hours for the hole face, but for extra dark spots it’s possible to leave it on for to up to 8 hours. Even though you get great results with the Bright products, there can be some persistent dark spots left that would need a repetition of the treatment. It is recommended that the skin gets a minimum of two weeks rest before repeating the treatment. You will then know how your skin reacts, and maybe it is appropriate for you to extend the time for product B during this new treatment.

the bright products kanopus

Many of the acids in Product B have similar effects on the skin and combined make for a great treatment. The arbutin evens out and brightens your skin tone, lightens darkened areas and adds a brightening effect by limiting melanin production. The retinol brightens the skin tone and reduce fine lines and wrinkles by increasing the production of collagen. The hyaluronic acid copolymers keep the skin moisturized, decrease the appearance of fine wrinkles, prevent tightness, boost skin elasticity and reduce scarring. The collagen slows down the aging of your skin by hydrating your skin and reducing wrinkles. The different acids will accomplish a chemical exfoliation, and in combination with everything above, leave your skin bright, smooth, fresh and rejuvenated – in other words – a fantastic treat for your skin!

After you have removed Product B, rinsed your face and patted it dry, it is time to let Product C protect your skin. After Product A and B your skin is very sensitive to UV rays and we don’t want any nasty sunbeam to destroy any of the treatment, now do we. It can be a little challenging to use all 5 ml but do your best to make sure a fully activated sun protection is maintained. This is a critical step in the treatment, even if you are not exposed to direct sunlight. You are now done for today and ready for the more long-term part of the treatment.