How to use: Step two

Cure and care

In your box you’ve got two bottles, first is product D, a night cream that is part of the continuing cure for your skin. When you do your beauty sleep your skin gets an intensive treatment that brightens your skin tone, deeply moisturizes, nourishes and helps the reconstruction of your skin. Especially the tetrapeptide-30 is a remarkable agent in this matter, thus it stimulates the collagen production.

The other bottle, product E, is a day cream, that will care for your skin in the daytime. It is probably heavier than the day creams you are used to, but since product A and B can easily dry out your skin, product E is supposed to offer a real treat. The ingredients will sooth and protect the skin from damage and at the same time balance and brighten your skin tone. The presence of hyaluronic acid and collagen in the formula promotes the regeneration of skin cells and reduces wrinkles and fine lines. Use both products every day and night the next two weeks after the treatment, or longer if there is more product left.

There is even an extra little treat for you in the box – an absolutely wonderfull little piece of Coffee Fusion Soap. The shea butter, coffee extract and organic oils will give your skin a gentle and moisturizing cleansing.